A Working Man


A working man… works long hard hours, in all types of weather, no matter the day, no matter the job.  You start early and use the daylight you have available.  If your job is not top-notch, there’s no whining allowed.  Just do your job.  If repetition is unappealing to you, tough, do your job.  Not everyone gets the good jobs!  Take pride in your accomplishments, and this past weekend, Lucas did good.  Working unceasingly and quietly, Lucas helped push cows and yearlings up the alleyway to the squeeze chute where they were preg tested.  We followed the dictates of “low stress livestock handling” and it seemed to work mighty fine.  Of course, being the dog he is, Lucas was very willing to urge on those that needed a little more stress in their lives, with a quiet bite through the boards of the alley.  We finished the day in record time… sometimes we have run out of daylight!  But we even managed to eat supper in the cool of the mountain air before driving the hour home.  What a man!

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