Dally’s first day as cowdog

See that tri-colored bundle of energy there center screen?  That’s Dally, daughter of Lucas and Elsa, now almost 11 months old and on her first full day of cowdog duty.  We gathered these cows today.  Their calves are gone, they are ready to move down to our middle pasture, both of which made for an easy-peasy gather for Dally.  But she didn’t know that.  All she knew is that when I sshh’d, that meant she could chase whatever cow she was looking at.  WHAT FUN!!  No, she wasn’t perfect.  I didn’t expect her to be anywhere close to perfect.  She did get in trouble.  You can’t chase them forever you know, you have to stop when I say so!!  But she was ON from the first step.  Watching me.  Watching Lucas and Bob and Boomer.  Watching cows.  “You mean, we can walk slowly behind cows??? I never knew…”  “You think if I do this???  whoops.”  “What if I do this instead?”  “See those over there I can get them, really I can!”  “Oh, we want to go *that* way…”  “This is FUN!!!”  She’s tired and smarter and hungry and probably ready to go again.  Which she gets to tomorrow.

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