An addendum

OK, remember my pityparty???  No cake, no balloons…???  Well, I’ll tell you this much.  Saturday I went on a bad ambulance call. I’m not really used to those, and I’ll leave it at that.  Sunday I had chest pain.  Monday I had light headedness (no, not because I am blonde).  Tuesday I could NOT breathe.  Wednesday I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with multiple PEs.  That’s Pulmonary Embolisms… lots of ’em.  Blood clots, folks.  I was feeling crappy because I was doing crappy… And here I am on Friday, thankful to be here… Two days of tests and shots and pills and hospital sleep cycles *meaning little sleep* and I am doing so much better than that family on Saturday or another family early this morning… and to steal one of my best friends’ mantras **** LIFE IS GREAT!****

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