Teach me, Dally

I had a not so great weekend.  For many reasons I’ll refrain from sharing the details with you… I mean, sincerely, that I *can’t* share them.  Take my word for it… Saturday basically sucked.  Sunday was worse on a personal level.  Monday, today, was better news, but I still felt yucky, weird, unusual, different, how many adjectives would you prefer?  So, as I continued with my little ol’ pity party that I was having by myself… pity parties, I hate ’em, no balloons, no cake, no ice cream… I decided to UNhave my pity party!  How you ask?  By doing something with my dogs!  My saviors, my friends.  It’s dark, I still don’t feel *right*, so I go to my “AwesomeNewMacComputer” (you’ve got to say it all at once!) and looked at my recent photos.  And here I found Miss Dally.


See her?  I’m on the sheepbridge, a rather scenic bridge actually built so sheep don’t have to cross the creek and get their wool wet!  Those sheep are long gone.  Those ranchers, unfortunately, don’t own that ranch anymore.  Abandoned and lonely, their sheep bridge’s sole purpose is to give me a great picture or two every year.  But look closely.  That flick of a tongue reflects her nervousness.  She wants to be *on* the bridge not standing on the 8″ of board on the *outside* where she is.  Lucas figured out how to go around the wire panels on the end and join me.  Dally wasn’t paying attention, so there she is.


Attempt #3 or was it #4?  She tries to squeeze through to get to us, but either her courage leaves her or her back feet slip off those 8″ I was telling you about.  She’s not comfortable doing this.  She doesn’t want to do this.  She’s nervous.  If I were her I’d puke.  No, honestly, I’d cry.  Put me in a situation I feel uncomfortable in and I cry.  Anyone else do that? Please? Please?  Whatever… I cry at commercials and movies and books and in doctor’s offices.  But ignore my psychological problems… look at dear Dally and what she does next.


ATTA GIRL!  She did it.  She overcame and succeeded.  Kapla!  


Now look at that swagger.  She accomplished something.  She figured out her own way.  She didn’t need help from anyone and found out that it was inside her to succeed all along.


And in the end, there is NOTHING like snuggling next to someone who supports you and loves you.  She never came clear across the bridge to me the human.  Daddy was good enough for Dally.

Dally taught me a few things.  That my pity parties can always be rescued by my dogs.  That independence can carry us through and should.  That those who love us, truly love us, will always support us NO MATTER WHAT.  Thanks, Dally Girl, you’re a good teacher.  For those of you against anthropomorphizing animals… ppppllllll! Leave me and my psychological problems alone… I’m happy!


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