Rin Tin Tinnish

I guess it shows my generation (or my long love of dogs) that I know who Rin Tin Tin was.  Although he did many things in the movies… it is always that POSE, you know the one I mean, that brings him to mind.  When my dogs do it, it is easy to classify it.  It isn’t the crocodile pose Lucas does in any water.  It isn’t the Lion King pose Lucas can do effortlessly.  It isn’t that Hunter look that Elsa gets whenever she ambles far enough away from my leg to get a scent… It is this…


Dontchya just love it?  OK, the ears aren’t there.  But there is a presence.  “Here I am…look at me.”  Dally doesn’t project it like Lucas does, but she’s getting there.  “Here I am.  What are you doing?  Where are we going?  Let’s go, let’s do, let’s enjoy!!!”
Or do you like this one better??


The dogs are bummed lately at my inactivity… Lucas longingly watched as Vernon went to saddle up this morning and I didn’t go.  We work cows tomorrow, and I declined activity today, hoping for more energy for tomorrow.  I think I’ll drive the four-wheeler to the mailbox, that’ll give them a 2 mile run.  Perhaps along the way, one of them will strike a Rin Tin Tin pose.  At least the English Shepherd version of it… I love it when they do that…so I’ll leave you with one last pose.


She’s getting it… isn’t she????

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