Caught in midstride, Lucas and Elsa enjoy the snow we had last week and all the delicious scents it seemed to quadruple.  Please ignore the tons of cockleburs, burdock, houndstongue, and mystery stickers imbedded in little Elsa’s tail.  I’m working on it with the Furminator, a little at a time!  And yes, I also know Elsa is overweight.  So am I.  She either shoves Dally off of her food if I cut her back, or ventures out and catches rabbits or pheasants or mice or voles.  Our exercise routines are still dampened from my illness… walks and bike rides and raking leaves seem too much to handle still.  I do drive out to the mailbox and let them run, so they get some exercise!  And last night, they were up for half of the night howling back at the coyotes before I demanded them to shutup and get inside!  The coyotes seemed to be only a stone’s throw away, probably across the creek, taunting my guardians unceasingly.  I’m SURE I heard the songdogs a few times while trying to sleep. I’m just willing to believe that and ignore the fact that neighbors on both sides have seen mountain lions this past week.  I know they are out there… I just tell myself differently.  But tonight I’m locking the girls in the kennel and the boys inside!  Yes, I agree that’s not fair, but Elsa and Dally will wake me up about 2 am and the boys will comfortably stay inside all night.  And I vote for drifting off to sleep listening to a songdog serenade me while my dogs sleep quietly in kennel and house.

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