I am, with some trepidation, beginning a new project.  A couple of years ago, we bought some property from the neighbors which included the main ranch house and all outbuildings and some amazing hay fields.  This is a setting easily described as the “Prettiest Place in the Country”.  My father-in-law’s best friend lived here.  He never married.  He slept little.  The time and devotion he had is reflected in this place.  Unfortunately, he passed away a few years back.  Then in the hands of his brother and sister-in-law, they decided to sell to us.  I have been ecstatic to move there, with only a few reservations.
First, it is right next to the highway.  I like my little hidden place here, where no one watches what I do!  And believe me, everyone looks as they drive by to see what is going on!  Second, it is right next to the highway.  My dogs are used to being free roaming independent spirits, now that will change to having to be imprisoned in the yard.  Every cowdog with a nose will be able to smell when Elsa or Dally is in heat as they go by in the back of their respective pickups.  Kennel height and buried wire will be important qualifications for the new prison.  Third, I will have neighbors.  I mean just over the hill neighbors.  I like them, don’t get me wrong, but neighbors, yuk.  I rather like having neighbors MILES away from where I am!  And they have intact male dogs.  Yuk. Fourth, the house needs remodeled.  While I would have jumped at the opportunity a few years back, now I seem to be cringing instead.  When Lucas was run over, I had quite a stash built up, which I was going to use to get some great cabinets in the kitchen.  Now I have Lucas.  No stash built up.  And avocado green metal cabinets.
I think I want to enlarge this opening and make that wall a bar into the dining room.  I’d like to take it out, but a propane line and heat vent will prevent it.
The dishwasher needs to go to the right of the sink.  Right?


These cabinets should continue to the door with a prep sink (in my dreams) on the end.
This wall will gain the frig, a small desk area, and some cabinets.
Anyone have more suggestions, ideas, things to watch out for???  This is going to be a BIG project.  I wish HGTV would just come by and do it for me!  And throw in an amazing kennel set up.  And a forest to separate me from the highway!  Dream on!

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