Introducing Jazz

My daughter recently came home to help with our cows…and to celebrate her 24th birthday.  (Wow.  I can’t be that old… )  She recently became the proud owner of one Miniature Australian Shepherd pup.  We’ve had lots of Aussies and Aussie crosses in her lifetime… and barring the fleeting love affair she had with beagles (which was contained to a calendar and other small miscellaneous items) … Victoria likes working cowdogs.  But Victoria is practical.  Living in a two bedroom apartment in a small town in Wyoming doesn’t usually result in a happy working cowdog.  But, if their legs are extra short… maybe they won’t need as much exercise, and maybe, hopefully, they might even work cattle.  Well, it was a good thought.  So I thought I’d share.  Here he is.  Jazz.


Note the bling.  How cool is that?  Not only is Jazz super cute, he’s a Denver Broncos fan too!  He must be the perfect dog for Toria!  While he visits, he and Dally become best friends.  Elsa bites him.  Lucas ignores him.  Each time they have to get reacquainted.  First there’s this.


“Hey, have I seen you before?”  “You look very familiar, can I smell you?”  “My mom told me to watch out for strange guys!”


“Maybe we could play, let me smell you one more time!”  “Huh?”  Jazz is only 5 months old… he’s not really on top of things yet… then, bam!


Niceties over, the two tri’s (ha ha, mini funny… mini!  I really make myself laugh!) get to rockin’ and rollin’ and bitin’ and being all around difficult to photograph.  It is just a blur from here on out.  Vernon wondered out loud to Toria…”What do you think you’d get if you crossed those two?”  “A mad mother!” was her quick reply.  She’s a smart girl, that Victoria!

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