Green leaves and snow

Wyoming usually has to remind us, quite early, that winter is on the way.  In October we had our first snow.  The cottonwoods hadn’t even dropped their leaves, or changed color for that matter!  In November, the biggest storm magically appears as kids are coming home for Thanksgiving break.  December brings storms in stages.  January is more about cold than snow.  February the snow piles high.  March and the start of calving season is usually a horrible mix!  April is mud with snow on top. May is never too late for a good wet storm.  I’ve trailed cows to the mountain in July and been caught in a snowstorm!  People, and the Farmer’s Almanac, are predicting a tough winter full of snow.  The Big Horns and Absarokas are white already, circling the Big Horn Basin like snowy vultures.  A storm is headed this way, with winter storm watches issued by the National Weather service.  I better get my tipi put away, or it’ll have to stay up all winter!

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