Ooohhh… Wyoming Wind

Tucked away as we are, sheltered from traffic and people and other disturbances, it still comes as a shock when the infamous Wyoming Wind blows.  Now I basically grew up in Casper, Wyoming (since I was 12), and it is famous for its wind.  Gusts in the 50’s and 60’s aren’t unusual. For simple fun you can enjoy the progression of signs at new businesses as they learn about the wind.  New businesses start out buying the cheaper single pole designs…eventually they come around to the 2 or 3 12″ posts that anchor an extreme weather sign!  Casper Airport’s wind sock is reportedly a heavy tow chain with a cannonball on the end!  Casperites often fall over as they emerge from their houses on non-windy days… they are used to walking bent over at a 45 degree angle.  I rarely cast my own fishing line when my Dad took me to the lake.  He had so many weights on the line and he had to heave it so hard to get it out far enough, I just couldn’t do it.  Why not drive to the other upwind side of the lake?  It was a long drive over there… another 25 miles on those round about roads.
But here, wind is not a *rare* sight, but one that you might call “an infrequent visitor”.  Vernon asks me if it makes me homesick.  Nope!  I don’t miss it at all!  I hate standing out in it working or riding a horse in it.  My shoulders hunch against the cold and before you know it, my shoulders are screaming at me to find someplace out of the &*^%$$% wind!
While pioneer women reportedly committed suicide because of it, long ago I found a love of kite flying, which puts a wonderful face on it.  That is, if you’ve bought strong enough line!  I have dragon kites and deltas and character kites (a pirate ship is a favorite) and box kites. I’d love a snowflake, but just somehow can’t bring myself to spend $200+ on a kite!  This time of year though, with the current temperature of 32 degrees, I remain inside and enjoy one of my other collections.  Flags!  They are great and gorgeous and in their full glory.  I try to buy flags from other states… I’ve always wanted one of the Seventh Cavalry because G.A.Custer was an interesting fellow… I’m on the search for one of the Choctaw Nation.  I fly the maple leaf on Canadian holidays (if I remember).  I fly the Union Jack I bought in London and kept it at halfstaff when Princess Diana died.  I fly the lone star when my sister is here from Texas, or my Oklahoma shield if my mom comes.  This is my latest flag, a gift from my boys.  Unfortunately, they didn’t look at it closely to realize it is one you fly from a wooden pole straight out from your house, not on a flag pole!  That’s OK.  It was a great thought, and if I ever get ambitious, I’ll reset some grommets and hang it correctly.  But for now, tip your head, smile, and enjoy the Wyoming Wind.

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