A little color

I did it.  I walked out to the mailbox and back, a total of two whole miles!  But I didn’t hit a wall… I made my destination and back!  Five weeks after numerous blood clots in my lungs, I can breathe enough and have enough energy to do what before was a quick hike for me.  Today was slow and steady, with more than a few stops for photographs.  The dogs were ecstatic.  I was tentative to say the least, not wanting to overdo it, but yearning to feel “right”.  I can tell these five weeks of little activity have taken its toll, my calves and hips are sore, but I’ll take that over hitting that WALL!
I also lit one of our brush piles on fire and I am a pyro!  I love to build fires when we camp.  I love cooking over a fire as opposed to cooking over a stove!  I’d be happy to go out and throw a ‘gypsy dinner’ in the coals right now!  I can build you a keyhole fire or a tipi fire or a log cabin.  I can get them going in the rain.  I love to steal a fire rock and wrap it up for the bottom of my sleeping bag.  My ultimate judgement of character of people is based on whether or not I’d like to sit around a campfire with them!
Looking for that special photo to share with you today, I finally found it. These rose hips buried in the depths of willows.  The little glimpse of bright color among the grey stems.  Seemed like a good analogy to me.  My life’s been a little fuzzy lately, but today was a bright achievement.  It will be followed perhaps by more grey, but ultimately, beyond, there is the gorgeous blue sky that lies ahead.  I’m thrilled to be beyond grey and bright red for today!  I know I can manage more grey if I just focus on the blue!

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