1. My furnace is fully functional now… oh, how I love the warmth!

2. Vernon hauls Lucas and I to Ten Sleep School so the kids can read to Lucas.  We are a “reading therapy team” and children LOVE to read out loud to Lucas.  He likes it too.  Can you tell?
3. Vernon continues on to Worland to deliver 5 more cows to the sale barn.
4. We eat lunch in Ten Sleep.
5. We return home.  We change clothes.  We progress to the Mills Place for some serious sheetrock installation.  (say that 5 times fast!)
5.5 I sneak out and take a cool picture of the pine trees at the Mills Place.

6. We come home.  Vernon (get that… VERNON) makes tuna fish sandwiches for supper.
7.  I teach two English language classes to my Korean students and then work an English Expo promoting Eleutian.
8.  It is bedtime and my buffalo robe is calling me AGAIN!


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