Sunshine and Ice

Today was gorgeous.  Glorious blue sky.  Glaringly brilliant white snow.  Sunshine.  It was our day in the hills.  Every four days we head out to our BLM leased land to open water tanks.  Before Wyoming hit this huge drought, we actually chopped holes in reservoirs… now we break the ice on water tanks on long long waterlines we’ve laid in past years.  I had planned to go and share that with you.  Unfortunately, I had to stay home to be here when they delivered a bull we bought a few weeks ago.

I managed to drag out some Christmas decorations while waiting.
The Dish satellite guys showed up to reconfigure our satellite television.  Thank goodness for Dish Network…  when Vernon and I first got married, we had just antenna television on which we received 2 channels.  That wasn’t so bad, but if you wanted to change channels, you had to go outside, grab an extremely large pipe wrench and twist the pole the antenna was attached to 15 feet in the air!  In the winter you had to choose… ABC or NBC… because the pole froze in the ground and you were stuck with that station all winter!
Just as I was headed over to the corral to videotape our horses for you, Vernon came in from the badlands on his four wheeler… he’d had a flat tire.  So, he was here when 20 minutes later the semi arrived with our bull.
I was in the midst of putting up more outside lights, or I would have gone over to take pictures.  If I didn’t get these lights up today, they weren’t going to get put up.  We are selling our remaining heifers over the next couple of days.  I have Lucas’ reading adventure.  I have classes.  Then this weekend it is supposed to be COLD.  I mean SINGLE DIGITS for highs…  yecch.  I much prefer days like today.

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