Two Minute Naturewalk

Many of you have written to tell me how you enjoy pictures of Wyoming, but even better are the videos I’ve shared.  The links to the videos I have on YouTube can be found on the bottom left of this page… just scroll down until you see them (they are listed as movies) and click on the link.  Lately I have discovered which lets you embed the video directly into your website.  I used it with Lucas’ Therapy Dog visit.  When/if I have time, I’ll try to embed my YouTube videos on here as well!  I seem to be slightly busy though, so it might be a while!

The comment that usually accompanies the requests for more videos is this:  “Please share more of Wyoming’s beauty with us!”  You asked for it – you got it!   Today I premier the Two Minute Naturewalk.  (Not the best title in the world, but I was rushed for time! Any other title suggestions???) For those of you who are fans of the television program “CBS Sunday Morning”  you’ll recognize this technique.  It is Nature.  No narration.  No music.  No nuthin’, but dear sweet Mother Nature.  OK… Elsa got her tail in there briefly… but that was unplanned, and hopefully it won’t happen next time!
Today’s selection was the creek behind my house.  Simple.  Quick.  I’m starting off very easy!  I hope to bring you deer, geese, elk, cattle, and maybe some of our activities around the ranch.  They will all just be 2 minutes long.  I hope they give you a respite from a whatever lifestyle you are living.  If you live in the city, you might enjoy them as a 2 minute tranquilizer.  If you live in the country, perhaps you’ll compare your scenery with mine.  Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy this first installment in Two Minute Naturewalk.


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