The Boys’ Toy

Life in Wyoming has many benefits… for my boys, that would be the chance to play in the snow.  They work pretty hard during the summer, with little time for fishing or camping… but in winter there’s a little more slack time.

As little kids, I took all my children to the local ski area with Ten Sleep School.  The school used to get reduced lift tickets and take a school bus load of enthusiastic skiers up every Friday afternoon.  It was a great setup.  Volunteer parents went along to ski with or just hang out in the lodge and handle lost gloves and snap ski boots and help carry poles and take pictures.  It used to be quite the day!  So the kids all learned to ski and the boys continue to do so… well, Brandon went to the ‘dark side’ and now snowboards more than skis… but they’ve always enjoyed outdoor activities.  But sooner or later they were going to want to go faster… and Vernon has had a snowmachine throughout the years.  So it was no surprise when the boys pooled their money this fall and bought their own VERY FAST snowmachine.
I had only seen it in pictures before yesterday, when they unloaded it at the Mills Place and had to take it for a quick spin before putting it up in the shop.

You can tell it doesn’t quite fit in Brandon’s little Dodge Dakota… but good enough!  Is there a family resemblance here???
There it is in all its lime green glory.  Arctic Cat M7.  I just had to ask Daniel that this very second.  I’m mechanically challenged that way.  I had better remember though, cause I’ll probably have to buy parts for it someday.
Vernon was blessed with the first chance at driving it.  I passed up on my chance… I wasn’t dressed for a breezy ride and I didn’t want to spend the rest of the afternoon trying to raise my body temperature back up to normal.
Daniel, with cap turned backwards for wind resistance, shows his dad the proper technique for riding a FAST snowmachine.  He says it is quite a workout shifting your weight and turning.  I think I still prefer my snowshoes.
Brandon blows around the field… I have to admit, it is FAASST!  They admit to having it up to 70 mph.  70.  70!  Mothers shouldn’t have to know such things… especially when their tone of voice makes it sound like it would go much faster than 70.  We mothers pray over our boys and their toys.


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