Forgive me… I’m playing with photos… wish I could spend more time figuring creative stuff out… but, for heaven’s sake, I haven’t even mailed my Christmas cards!
So here…
Scenic Wyoming at its best…
This is Johnny’s pump house…did I just ruin it for you?  Looks like a quaint tiny log house, but it would be pretty small to live in… it is probably the size of a bathroom!
Didn’t I tell you I have a “thing” for fence posts?  Here’s proof – again!  Squint real hard and you can see my house back in the distance under the cottonwoods…
OK… this time I included sagebrush with my fence post!  There’s nothing like the smell of sage!  I love it!
Gee… I need to get away from this fence!  Carol, go find something else to photograph!  It’s not like there’s nothing else out there…

My favorite fence for tonight.  The bell hangs on my front gate year round… it is an old cow bell and has an amazing tone… the pine cone bell is a December specialty… Christmas bells are ringing!!!!

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