OOPE Feeding

Last night Vernon asked me to help feed this morning.  We needed to get done in good time in order to go help our neighbors vaccinate their cows.  He rises early.  I followed.  At 5:30 this morning.  Made our coffee.  Zoned out on the couch.  Had breakfast.  At 7 (the usual time)  he said he’d come back for me in one hour and 42 minutes.  Crud.  I could have slept til 7 at least!  Ah well.
In one hour and 32 minutes he shows up and off we go.
The girls are being good.
While we wait in one stackyard for Vernon to load the hay… Elsa’s head disappears.  We look and look for it.  I think she lost it in the snow.
The creek has a thin layer of ice this morning.  The axe wasn’t even needed.  The outer ice is getting rotten… too much melting and freezing and being flooded.
At one point Dally refused to jump on the trailer… for what reason I don’t know.  A quarter of a mile later she jumped on.  That quarter mile I was a wreck hoping she’d stay away from the huge tractor tires.  Am I paranoid?  Yes!
And the OOPE FAVE of the day…
Drumroll, please…
Run for your lives!  The sun is going nova!!!   AAAAAAAAAAAAH!
PS.  Just have to share.
After helping our neighbors for the afternoon (OOPE photos of that to follow)… we returned home.  Me to a hot shower to get the scent of manure off my body.
Afterwards, wrapped in my robe, I went about my chores.  I’m almost out of dog food, so I reach way down in the bin and scoop out a serving.
And another.
And another.
On the last scoop, my robe felt strange.
As it ran up my sleeve, across my back, and down my other arm, I screamed and in one quick motion, my robe was off…
I was nekkid…
and the stupid *&^%$#$ mouse ran behind my dryer.
I hate mice.
Don’t mind them outside, but in my house is a different story.
Running across my back twice… first outside – then INSIDE my robe does NOT endear them to me either.
(Multiple expletives deleted.)
The mouse trap is set.
He is a goner!


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