Every Morning

Every morning this time of year, the guys are all doing a version of this.

feeding cows

Whether they’re driving or pitching, or running an automatic bale feeder… they are out there first thing, feeding calves, steers, heifers, cows, and bulls!

feeding cows

It doesn’t matter what the temperature is.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t *want* to roll out of bed.

It doesn’t matter if they feel like poo… well, ok, maybe one of the others might cover for you… but if there was no one to help out… they’d get out and do it anyway, puking or not.

Seven days a week.

So while you’re sipping that second cup of coffee, and frowning when it’s -10 and you have to walk from your warm house to your car… think of my guys (and, hey, I used to do it too!) – and tell ’em “Good Job”!  That’s what I yelled at Brandon… and he told me “Thanks, Mom…”

I’m sure he’d tell you “thank you”, too!



There’s still time… post a comment and you’ll be in the running for a Red Dirt calendar.  Now’s your chance!


Every Morning — 17 Comments

  1. I go out into 30-40 degree MUD. I ALMOST prefer the freezing temps. a least we are all dry an the critters arn’t sinking.

    Once I finish my coffee….

  2. Still enjoying reading your blogs. Brrr it looks really cold there. It has been in the 50s and as low as the 30’s in the mornings, Too cold for me!!
    I still think I need one of your calendars!!!

  3. Great job, cowboys. I thought it was cold in Alabama at 25 but when I saw your -10 I felt really bad. You are all very special because it takes special people to do what you do every single day. Thanks

  4. A BIG THANK-YOU to all the farmers and ranchers who take care of their livestock at this time of year. I for one, appreciate all that they do and for the great steaks. I remember the days on the farm. And for long johns and snow boots and warm gloves too.
    Thank you and God Bless.

  5. Good Job Guys! And here’s to all ranchers and farmers who work so hard to bring me my favorite thing in the whole world…food! ☺

  6. Thank every farmer/rancher who has ever put food on my table because I certainly do not have the fortitude to do it for myself!

  7. Cold is cold. Period! Thankful for all that your family has done for generations to preserve the family farm. I do miss those days both in Pennsylvania & Virgina – milking cows & raising kids on the farm. Thank you for sharing!!

  8. Great job to all of them. I so admire Vernon, your sons, you and your father-in-law for doing this work so faithfully and well for so many years! (More than 100 yrs, I recall.) And I do remember when you used to get out and do it. That is “every day, year round, year after year,” not just when it is below freezing. Well done to all of you, with my respect and admiration!!

  9. I’ll say good job to them. There’s no way I would be rolling out of bed early to go out in that weather. I’m a cold weather wuss, even though I live in PA.

  10. Well done to the guys and gals who go out when it’s below zero. Having slipped on black ice on the drive a few years back, I get tense just looking out the window. Cold for us tomorrow with -4C expected overnight. I know, that’s positively warm I hear you say!!!!

  11. I’m glad my only livestock is a short-haired dog who just wants to dash out to take care of business and come straight back in to cuddle!

  12. Been there – done that! Drive to the stack yard, load up the hay before dawn and feed out before the frost goes out of the ground. Then back to the house to thaw out and eat a huge breakfast. Good memories …..

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