Pysanky – Nontraditional

Thanks to those that have entered my pysanky giveaway… your odds are really good at winning it!  😉

For those that have been following my traditional Ukrainian egg decorating lessons… it’s time to get wild and crazy!
We tried traditional designs like this:
Now let’s try something along these lines:
I have included: tumbling blocks quilt design (purple- lower left), non-traditional colors (blue, purple and black small banty egg), blue/white and red/white designs, more rare trypillian style (tho’ still traditional), another non-traditional colored egg (white, blue, green and black), and if you peek behind the others, 3 samples of monochrome eggs.
Tomorrow, in one quick easy step, I’ll have you doing a monochrome egg that will amaze you and your family and friends!
Now that you are swimming in possibilities for your new craft and anxious to begin your newest attempt… I’ll leave you to simmer overnight!
And just to squish in another idea or two on my way out:
My favorite egg:  “The Universe”
The sun and moon and morning star.

The sun and planet and solar winds.

  A comet.

I admit… I took this style out of a book and adapted it to an egg.  I love this one!
This one was for fun… my penguin egg.  (Ignore the yellowing from polyurethane)

Think wild and crazy and enjoy your new craft!
Send me photos of your eggs too!
And come back tomorrow for your monochrome nontraditional pysanky egg!

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