When I began this blog, I believed it to be an outlet for my personal attempts at writing interesting stories about ranchlife. For the first time in history, more of the population of the world lives in cities than in the country.  Most people are removed from the land and the “real world”.  Nature has become whether or not you need an umbrella or a down coat to make it from your house to your vehicle to your office.  Spending the summer at grandpa’s farm is rarely an option for today’s children.

I wanted my readers to know that the real world still exists.  That American farmers and ranchers are still here, caring for the land, feeding the people of the world, instilling a work ethic in our children so we can trust in the next generation’s capabilities.

Along the way I’ve made friends in the English Shepherd dog world… in parallel worlds far away… and my friends and family have been the basis of my readership.  I’ve even had a few of my Korean students checking in on occasion.

But also along this trail, pride seeped in…  I wanted to be popular.

I wanted one of those blogs that a gazillion people read.

I wanted to make money from my computer in my home.

I read one of those blogs.  A portrayal of ranchlife unlike my portrayal of ranchlife!  She’s got money, good looks, a fancy house, and cute family.  I have a cute family.

I have a good friend with an EXTREMELY popular blog, who once in a while, graciously gives me a nod… and my hits explode for a day!  I am thrilled when she does that… but I’ve come to a decision.

Just like in high school when I wasn’t in the popular crowd… or the jock crowd (good reason for that!)… or the brainiac crowd… or any other crowd.

It was there, in high school where I found independence with my dog at my side.

I stuck my chin in the air and plowed onward, ignoring all others.  I made myself happy.  I took my dog on walks.  I went ahead and stayed in Girl Scouts until I was 18.  I had a job and a car and rarely “drug the strip” like everyone else.  I stashed my money and funded a trip to England when I was 19.  And I laughed when no one understood how I could afford to do that.

I don’t have to be popular.

This blog doesn’t have to be popular.

I have to write a short daily essay that once in a while touches someone.

I have to take photographs that makes someone exclaim at the beauty of this land.

I have to share my love of my family and my dogs and this ranch… and call it good.

Thanks for visiting.  Especially those 23 of you that hang in here with me everyday. 


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