Rush Rush

Hi, folks!
Remi, here.
That Lady-with-the-food asked me to stand in and tell you she had to go to town first thing this morning…
Don’t know what she was doing in “town”, I don’t even know what “town” means!
She was grumbling about “cooking”… but I know I like her cooking, so I don’t see why she had to grumble about it…
She then came home and trotted around like me and my brothers and sisters do when we’re playing.  She threw us our food, gave us a quick pat on our fluffy little heads and headed off to her “computer”.   I don’t know what that is either, but she said to tell you she had to “teach”.
When she teaches us, she has a clicker and some treats, but I didn’t smell it on her this evening…
So now you know…
The Lady-with-the-food is really busy today, but tomorrow she says will be better!
I’m gonna go snuggle with my family, I’ve had a ruff day too!

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