This Time of Year

It is that time of year when everything virtually explodes and you find yourself running in circles, picking up pieces of life, mending this, moving that, cleaning here, doing that.
And cooking.
The last few days seem like chaos.
It all began with a murderous puppy fight that began at 4 am.  I actually thought a raccoon had found them in their little puppy pile that they sleep in… but they were just beating the snot out of each other.  Elsa and I did our best to break it up… Lucas sat there and howled (typical father… “Do something with those kids!”)  Dally got in trouble with Elsa if she tried to help.  Then Elsa and Lucas got into it (“They’re your kids, too, help out here!”)
Broke it up.  Went back to bed.  I had just relaxed and they started up again.  That time I got a glancing blow from a sharp puppy tooth on my calf.  I think I should make some cowdog/calf type of reference, but honestly, my brain isn’t functioning well.
After a full day (Travis left that day…and I kicked those rotten cows back out into the badlands and off the creek)  I had to teach that night until 11:30 pm.
Then I woke up at 4:30 am again to drive the hour to Worland to put Remi on her airplane flight to Ohio.  Bought parts and food in Worland, arrived home, unloaded groceries and went to the corral to help give shots to the heifers (Prostiglandin (I don’t touch THAT stuff) and BRSV).  Finished at 8 pm.
Victoria and her boyfriend arrived and we stayed up late talking…
Dogs woke me again at 5 am this morning.  sigh.  Victoria is AI-ing our heifers and I’ll take pics tomorrow or the next day.  In between, we are on a clean up crew for our centennial celebration.  We took down a fallen down unused fence and hauled off a ton of old wood posts.
I have a list a mile long of stuff to do…
Three puppies leave tomorrow.
I’d like to talk about my ride and so much more… but I think I’ll just post one picture and call it good.
Should you only see a photo on my posts… don’t give up on me, I’m just trying hard to find time to write!  And I figure a picture is worth a thousand words…
I’ve sent Dally down the hill and into the bog to push up some slowpokes.  THIS is why I love having a cowdog!  (And enjoy the “new horse’s” ear… he still has no name!)

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