Puppy Walk part two

The other day I began the story of our Puppy Walk with a great shot of their faces as 10 pups scampered cross country.  *But* to be honest, I saw more butts than faces!  They enjoyed themselves immensely!  I took them on a walk to burn more puppy energy.  Their early morning fight had cost me two good hours of shut eye and I figured wearing them out on a walk was good strategy.
And good revenge.
Puppies at this stage are learning by leaps and bounds… for instance how to sniff out and dig furiously for unseen moles… Three great role mole models for them to follow!
The uneven ground in the bottom of the ditch was a challenge taken at full bore.  I had run across it myself in order to get a good pic of them staggering across the deep cow prints, but they took that as an example to run across it themselves!  This was the only shot I managed to take!
Next came a visit to the creek.  This was going to be great fun… squishy mud, goose poop, cool water on a warm walk.  Then someone fell in and had to swim out.  The other 9 saw a soggy newcomer… a strange, wet, foreigner… SOMEONE WHO DIDN’T BELONG IN THEIR ENGLISH SHEPHERD WORLD!  They attacked and the fight was on again.  Before it was over, three more pups had fallen off the steep bank into deep water, I had stashed my camera out of mud/water/puppy reach and prepared to rescue pups, and somehow all but two turned soggy!
Momma Elsa came to the rescue.
The sunshine suddenly didn’t seem so warm.
But this shot is my favorite… look closely at the pups’ faces and reactions to Lucas spraying them with creek water!

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