Branding Day

Have you ever smelled burning hair?
Ever get distracted with the hair curler and singe just a  teensy bit of hair that you are sure no one would *ever* notice??
Ever play with a “metal match” while building a fire and have your long blond hair fall off your shoulder at the precise instant you are successful in creating a spark with the metal match?  Then with your catlike reflexes take a wide swing at the flame shooting up your long blond hair and thankfully put out the fire?
Yeah, well…
The question was…
Have you ever smelled burning hair?
You have if you’ve gone to a branding.
Which I did today.
As a result, my computer keys are gagging on the smell of burned hair.
And the smell of a cedar fire…
Which actually is quite yummy!
And the smell of gritty Wyoming dust…
Which does smell…
And sweat…
Which I’ll avoid discussing further.
And horses…
Though I can breathe in the smell of horses and just… just… be transported. <sigh>
To transport you there… my favorite photo of the day…
Daniel saw me and ducked his head down, and ratted me out to Brandon, who was sweet enough to turn and check me out.  My boys, their grandfather, and a nice calf… in sepia.  GOTTA LOVE IT!
And brandings.
Smell and all!

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