Old Cedar

The kids got to ride again this morning, but since I stayed up late teaching, I slowly opened my eyes when I heard the front door slam and the dogs bark at their exit.
Though I made an attempt at cleaning and restoring my house to a pitiful semblance of order for a while, my mind soon wandered and I found myself offering to help Brandon put up some electric fence.
The cows tend to wander quite a bit searching for greener grass and cross the creek uninvited.  Electricity helps deter that problem.
We managed to put up the short fence on this side of the creek and we threw the supplies across the water to complete the longer stretch.
Since Brandon had on irrigating boots and I didn’t…
I grabbed my camera and took a hike while he finished the job.
I was looking for Indian Paintbrush.
It seems to be having a good year and I thought a colorful series of yellow, orange, red, and hot pink paintbrush would look great.
Do you know I managed to find only one pale yellow paintbrush???
So you receive an Old Cedar tree instead.

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