I don’t mean to embarrass S.
She’s quite the hand, a family friend, a good student…
There’re many great qualities in this package…
But since I’ve been riding almost everyday (or I have some other feeble excuse like cooking for 30 people… ) I have to admit, I haven’t taken any photos since branding.
That’s a long time for me to not have snapped *some* photo of *anything*!
So, for one last look at our branding… I found these of S.
S. has a reputation for getting her clothes ripped or some such bad luck at our brandings.
We watched her closely this year, hoping the jinx had moved on to somewhere else (and wanting to avoid any collisions with the jinx had it desired to rear its head).
So, sweet S., I don’t mean to embarrass you, but I haven’t any new photos… and therefore I’m going to use these…
S. managed to avoid the jinx this year.
All clothes intact.
No horse of hers bucking over the top of us.
Just this.
And you made a spectacular recovery, by the way.
S. has a nice quiet sense for roping… but sometimes the calf just runs the wrong way.
This is the result.
A rope gone awry.
And a close call with being pulled off the horse.
Bravo, girl, you stayed on!
Sometimes, you can beat the jinx!

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