One thing about living on a ranch… you’ll have a variety of jobs to keep you occupied.
Cowboy one day…
Farmer the next…
Fence builder…
Dam engineer…
Those days when you ride so hard and so long don’t end when the cowboying is done.
You often go put in more hours of work on something.
To get water on the fields we have to flood irrigate.
To flood irrigate you need a ditch full of water.
To get a ditch full of water you need a dam.
And if you are my boys…
Somehow you find some pretty girls to help!
The first step I don’t have photos of… the dam log stretches clear across the creek and is underwater here.  They did that the day before.  Then shorter sticks will be placed upright in front of it.
Note my boys’ tanned bodies… at least from the t-shirt sleeves down.
Next straw is floated out to the sticks, forced underwater, up against the sticks, creating a fairly solid dam.
It works amazingly well.
The water isn’t cold either.
And my boys are NOT obnoxious about splashing cold water either.
The girls started it.
That’s what they said.
Why shouldn’t I believe them?

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