High Winds

The storms that continue to dampen this section of Wyoming are often accompanied by high winds.

Wyoming has even had some tornadoes of late, one becoming an internet sensation.
While we are a windy state in some areas, Ten Sleep manages to be quieter than most.
Until the other night.
Boy… when my tire swing is angled at 45 degrees… it is BLOWING.
I heard a crash… not overly loud… and being surrounded by trees… that’s not unusual.
But we found the tree this morning, laid over by my back gate.
It was a dead one we’ve cut to a height of about 10 feet… but the base had rotted and it was tipped over.
So with another storm looming on the horizon this morning… it was delegated to job of the day.
Did I take pictures?
Uh, no…
How exciting can it be to chainsaw a tree and repair a fence?
I do want you to know it is *highly tempting* to go take a picture of my new gate, though.
It is the best it’s looked in the 20 years I’ve lived here!
But it is a simple woven wire gate, like hundreds of other wire gates in this world.
So instead, enjoy this…

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