A Gift

I’ve been extremely lucky in my life to have some great friends.

They’ve all shared a part of my life…
Helped me to grow…
Helped me when times were tough…
Helped my moods, my spirit, my workload!
Most are long gone down the roads that separate us all.
That doesn’t mean I don’t think of them, yearn for their company, ache to hear their laughter, or crave a beverage together!
Today, I received a gift in the mail from a friend I made years ago.
We knew each other for two days.
He wrote me the loveliest letter and gave me a copy of his book.
Today, he also gave me the gift of a new friend in Australia.
His name is Alex.
He is 6 years old.
He wants to be a policeman and a cowboy.
He lives with his Mum in Peterborough.
He had a dog named Choco that, unfortunately, was at the end of his life.
Since he was so sad, my friend shared a story, gave him a tiny gift… and made him feel better.  It was a gift I had asked him to share with someone on his travels, someone who he felt would need it.  My friend had carried it since our meeting, seeing all the continents at least twice.
So now, Alex is, remotely, a friend of mine.
Thijs continues to be my friend and an amazing photographer.
I have in my hands a Cold book, and in my heart, I have a warmth that comes from sincere friendship.


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