Eye on the Sky

As I mow my grass… round and round… back and forth for the three hours it takes me to accomplish this deed… I keep an eye on the sky.
This is the view from my front porch looking west… the rimrock should be familiar to you by now!
This is not normal for 10 am.
There should be bright high altitude sunshine and brilliant blue skies.
The kind of lighting that turns many a photo into a white sky nightmare…
So, being the modern ranch wife that I am… I wander inside… plant myself in front of my Awesome Mac Computer with high speed internet and see this.
(link broken)
This is the radar image out of Riverton, Wyoming.
See the yellow and red area?
That means BAD STORM.
That means if the wind is right, we’re gonna get hit.
If you draw a line between the “n” in Worland and the “l” in Thermopolis… we’re a bit below the halfway mark.
That means Elsa will be running for shelter because she HATES thunderstorms.
That means the guys will be grouchy because we have literally TONS of hay on the ground and if it gets rained on the quality quickly deteriorates… which impacts our cattle this winter when they eat the hay… which means it impacts their calves… which means it impacts our bottom line.
That also means that lightning is on the way…
And soon that means my men (for my 19 year old and 21 year old sons are definitely men) will all soon be fighting the wildland fires that lightning brings.
That means that although I enjoy watching thunderstorms (my dad and I used to get lawn chairs out and watch them along Casper Mountain when I was a kid), I now have first hand knowledge of their consequences.
(link broken)
Ah, but look… the big storm went south of us…
We didn’t even receive a drop…
It must have all been virga.
We actually avoided three storms like this today.
I know that we will get hit one of these times…
But we can wait!


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