Many Faces of Kids’ Rodeo

While I should be cleaning my house…
I have company coming…
I figured I better get this posted or it wouldn’t happen later!
Kids’ Rodeo…
synonymous with hottestdayinJuly/slowerthanmolasses/cuterthancute/whyinthe’elldowedothis?
But boy! you end up with some cutie photos!
Typical Grand Entry Posting of the Colors… until you notice the Wyoming flag bearer is kinda dressed “funny”…
That’s because minutes later she wins the costume contest for her and her horse!
Note… clown shoes don’t fit into typical stirrups…
Same ol’ mutton bustin’… that’s B. from yesterday’s post about the stick horse race on the left…
Barrel racing for those 5 and under is a tad bit different if you can’t keep your feet in the stirrups or make the horse move.
You get Grandpa to lead you around…
Or your aunt…
Or your big sister the Rodeo Queen…
Did you realize the average time for 5 and under barrel racers was 2.5 minutes???
Blazing fast!
The steer riding, on the other hand, lasted split seconds… not 8!
The first flag racer had a runaway… so everyone else rolled their flags… though not all made it in the bucket!
The ribbon race was a challenge for most as well…
Soon, I’ll cover the highlights of the rodeo… the shirttail button race and the potato race.
Stay tuned!
Since we took 45 cow/calf pairs to our mesa pasture this morning… that means we’ll trail to the mountain bright and early tomorrow morning.
That means I’ll spend all day on horseback tomorrow…
That means I may not have time for a post…
Unless on the way, I manage a gorgeous shot of trailing cattle… or dogs… or elk… or me!


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