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featherCompany left after lunch, and it’s back to the quiet house.

Dally is doing better.  The vet was leaning towards musculoskeletal problems rather than heat stress… some old hide probably got a good shot in, unknown to me!  Stupid cows.  I posted a video from the other day on my Red Dirt Facebook page, and I’ll post one in the morning.  She’s still sore, but much, much improved.  Watch the video though and you’ll see why I was worried!

My garden is going wild… we had new potatoes and fresh peas last night… which has to be one of the best delights you can get from a garden!  I also have a ton of weeds…

I have 5 days to get my insulation and ceiling boards up in my studio if I want to use my friend’s drywall lift.  I’ve had it for months, but, just haven’t got it done!  Hopefully, I can do SOMETHING!  The concrete guy has been out to look at the project.  Fingers crossed he can produce a floor in the near future!

An old Girl Scout friend stopped in for a very quick hello with K. J. and I.  That was a total surprise… she came from Hawai’i with her daughter.

I missed the Kids’ Rodeo today in Ten Sleep.  We’ll probably all be there next year, at least for the stick horse race and dummy roping!  It’s highly entertaining… so go enjoy this post from a few years back… The Many Faces of Kids’ Rodeo.



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