Back to the Lost World

We went back to the Lost World again today…
The main focus for today was lowering the electrical conduit down the side of the canyon to connect our new 1.5 horse pump (which will be in the bottom next to our ram pump) to our generator (which will be on top).
The plan was for the boys, Johnny, and M., Brandon’s friend, to slowly drag it over the edge and down while Vernon and I drove down my “favorite” road and we’d meet them from the bottom side.
Good plan.
Step one: Unload conduit.
Step two:  Put conduit on the reel base.
Step three:  Chain reel base and conduit to pickup truck so it doesn’t go flying 500′ down!
Step four: Drive down Carol’s favorite road… again….
*Note: I did NOT take pictures of it again.  I looked at the rocks on the INSIDE of the road the entire way down… and everything was just DANDY!*
When we finally arrived at the bottom where we were to meet up… I was greeted by this scene.
That’s my youngest… my baby whose 20th birthday is today… tying the conduit to the existing pipe.
After Vernon saw the look on my face, he assured me he had been on that ledge a few days before and it looks worse than it is.
I’m really NOT an overprotective mother.
I am NOT afraid of heights.
But sometimes a combination of factors makes me send a simple little prayer skyward…
Yes, he is in the photo above…
He’s not in this one… by the time I climbed to where I could photograph the majority of the line, he was long gone back over the top…
I just thought you should see some perspective.
Come to find out…
the conduit kind of forced its own way down the canyon wall… the boys, M. and Johnny providing brakes.
Kind of…
This time it was a prayer of thanks…
There was not much left for us to do…
Fill the tank with water and check for leaks…
Just one small leak easily repaired…
Then climb down to see the overflow waterfall from below.
Anyone for a COLD shower???

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