The Bandwagon


I did it.
I jumped on…
or rather clambered ungracefully…
<my jumping days having abandoned me about 6th grade!>
like my friends at Daily Coyote and Bush Babe
I have put a calendar up for sale!
<Use the above link or go to and the For Sale/Working Dogs page>
For the past five years I’ve made them as Christmas gifts for a select few relatives…
but you now can have one as well!
There are thirteen large wonderful and popular photos…
one for each month and the cover.
Dotted throughout are smaller photos in the squares to draw your attention to upcoming holidays.
There are an unbelievable 26 photos used in that manner…
It measures 8.5″ x 11″ (when opened 17″ x 11″) and is spiral bound.
The calendar sells for $26 which includes shipping.
I also am offering Red Dirt in My Soul.
This paperback children’s book is also composed of photos taken around Greet Ranch…
modified through Photoshop to resemble watercolor paintings.
Listen to it here.
The book sells for $30…
including shipping.

If you want signed photos from my blog or website…
just email or post a comment for sizes and prices available.
Checks/money orders can be sent to
Carol Greet
Seventeen twenty-eight A Highway four thirty-four
Ten Sleep, WY  eight two four four two
<somebody suggested I spell it out for security reasons>
What do I know?
I rarely jump on these bandwagons…
We’ll see how the ride goes!
PUPPY PHOTO OF THE DAY  My, what big teeth you have…

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