I’m Back… and There was No Axe-ident

I’m back home!  Again, thanks to all of you and your prayers and best wishes and condolences.  Though the loss of my mother has left a major hole in my life, my older brother and older sister and I are doing well.  We spent the past few days going through much of mom’s belongings.  Rediscovering pieces of our youth, finding laughter amidst the tears, sorting and cleaning and telling stories.  Some stories were well known family tales, others I heard for the first time.  It was a good time in that respect.  We’re closer now for what we’ve been through together.  That is a good thing.

A friend sent me a story about a carrot, an egg, and coffee.  Have you heard it?  The Reader’s Digest version:  Place the three ingredients in boiling water.  The carrot becomes soft and weakened.  Place the egg in boiling water and the interior becomes hard.  The coffee changes the water into an aromatic drink, changing the adversity itself.  How do *you* handle challenges?  I’m trying to be coffee… and am currently looking for some sugar and cream to help me along!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch…
I returned home last night.  The morning was spent cleaning up Vernon’s dirty dishes he’d graciously left for me… then he returned from feeding the cattle and reported some good news.  Our first baby has been born!  A healthy heifer calf has appeared five days early.  Yikes!  Vernon has been gearing up, and calving season was the reason I came home, to help with the final details… but having a new baby on hand has added a level of urgency.
So, as often happens, my plans for today were shelved and I moved outside to work.  I began peeling up the electric fence wire from under the snow in spots and sliding downhill on the muddy spots.  Vernon cleaned the deep snow out of the corral.
If you’ve read this blog for a year, you know I had a memorable story about this last year, which I refer to as Dally’s Axe-ident.  I was VERY pleased this year for two things… axes were not needed and Dally is healthy, and perhaps, even wiser!
So, I’m happily back in my element… husband, dogs, ranch, fresh air, scenery… Home.

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