Petite Partner

This is what I like to see.  A healthy calf and a good momma!  I lost a calf last night… I was minutes late to his birth and the sack was over his head… no chance for the little guy.  I hate that!  I also know that it is impossible to be there for each birth, to prevent such accidents from happening.  But still…
I tried to take video so you could hear this momma talking to her baby.  Cows definitely have “baby talk”… It’s not a “moooooo”… more of a soft “meh”.  Obviously I need more work with my new camera’s video mode!
As you can tell, today was sunny… a glaringly bright respite from the dismal overcast of the past four days.  I could NEVER live in a rainy cloudy environment!  Though the temperature was cold… down to -14 last night… the sun helps so much!  It is getting some power to it.  So to A. and V. in New Zealand… we’re taking your sun away from you! 😉
Speaking of cows…
Remember this one?
Chain Cow.  A blog version of a chain letter.

She’s made her way to Texas and her latest adventures… and check out what she did in Montana, Florida, and Alabama.

If any of you are still interested in hosting her… go to her latest adventure and let Julie know you’re seeking a petite partner to post on your blog!  Good luck, Chain Cow, can’t wait to see where you end up next!

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