Elsa, Dear

Tonight is Elsa’s last few hours to be, uhm… girlish?  Female?  Fecund?  Yeah.  That works.
Her journey has been fertile.
She is coming up on six years of age.
She’s had five litters.
Two when she was owned by De Butcher in Oklahoma, and three litters for me.
Thirty puppies.
Yes, thirty wonderful, gorgeous, working partners.
If I could, I’d breed her again… and again.
She and Lucas make wonderful pups.
However, I know that is not the responsible thing to do and so, tomorrow, Elsa will be spayed.
She will no longer to miss out on work because she’s in heat or too pregnant or nursing.
I’m hoping she’ll appreciate that.
But she deserves it.  She’s been a good mother.
Now she can be the “Can’t-you-see-me-I’m-right-here-leaning-into-you” dog each and every day of the rest of her life… with no other demands on her time.
Hopefully, her genetics will have helped out the small gene pool that is English Shepherds.
Hopefully, Dally can carry on her mom’s best traits.
Thanks, Elsa dear…
You have brought joy to me and my family and thirty proud puppy owners!

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