Consistently Inconsistent

Although the day started cold… 27 degrees… by noon it was 50 or so… a gorgeous spring day in Wyoming!

We are having many calves everyday…  today we had 14!  Vernon figures we are over halfway done and on the downhill slide. YAY!  This time of year is always full of hard work for Vernon and we’re both happy the end is coming into sight.  We still have 2 heifers left to calve… and wish they’d get with the program so we don’t have to check them at night!
Brandon has left us to return to Laramie and school.  He has been wonderful help, easing the burden of the everyday and letting a few bonus activities be accomplished.  Daniel needs to call his Mommy… and let her know that his first and last Spring Break trip to Texas is over and he, too, is returning to Laramie!  HINT HINT.  Six more weeks and Daniel will be a college graduate… and they’ll both be home!
Today’s lesson, class, was to be on Pysanky… the wax resist process of decorating eggs.  But, really, I don’t know what I haven’t covered in last year’s multiple postings… so I’ve decided I’d just share what I’m working on and let you read the older entries on “how to”.
No, I’m not Ukrainian or Polish or Russian… no Eastern European blood here.  I just found this advertised in the great children’s book catalog called Chinaberry years and years ago.  In fact they still sell it.  I like crafts.  I bought a kit.  I taught myself!  If you’re sincere about it, there’s no greater resource than the Ukrainian Gift Shop.  It is an addicting hobby, but inexpensive and fun.
I encourage others to do this.  This year, Brandon decided to try it again.  It’s been years since his last attempt… and I think he did rather well!
This, of course, is Steamboat, the bucking horse logo widely used to promote Wyoming and mascot of the University of Wyoming.  He did it in brown and gold, again the traditional team colors of UW… the blue being daylight shining in my front door!
Good job, Brandon!
My eggs are just beginning their journey from concept to colors…
A rooster… I so enjoy creating a new species…
Deer… Why did I go angular on the deer and all roly poly on the rooster?  Because that’s me… more random than my children know!  Ha!
And again… geometry on the eternity bands… and round on the fish.
I am consistently inconsistent.
But there are no rules to pysanky… get some eggs and some beeswax and go for it!

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