What’s in Front

Today was incremental in its rise in temperature… but the sun was out, and though the slight breeze held a chill, people and calves both appreciated the lack of wet snow coming down sideways!  This was a WET snow, and as it slowly retreated throughout the day, sure enough, the green grass below it is ready to explode in a verdant carpet.  In the next few days, I’ll be capturing it *on film*.

<Sorry, capturing it *digitally* just doesn’t sound correct!>
<Am I showing my age?>
With Daniel’s help, we accomplished a bit of work up at the Mill’s Place.  We’re getting some baseboards put up… the final details to some of the rooms.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time up there on my own, priming and painting.  I’m now moving into bedrooms with primer and paint, and have hit a wall (get it? hit a *wall*) on design color for my upstairs spare bedroom.  I’m leaning towards grey or a buckskin yellow.
It would be easier if I knew which painting or decorations might go into that room, but I’m stuck… Without actually having stuff on the walls in my living room and bedroom, I’m not sure what is leftover for that room.  Time to make lists and put up paper stand-ins…
Thankfully, I have a good friend with great decorating sense coming to visit tomorrow… I’m hoping she’ll have brilliant ideas!
You’re welcome to send your ideas to me, too!  RGTV (Ranch and Garden TV) is asking for your input!   I need a little Color Splash!
I don’t want you to get bored with this blog… so I’ll post no photos of paint drying.
<You’re welcome!>
The color is something to think about.  Sometimes you have to look hard at what is in front of you…
Sometimes it takes a good hard look…
You need to step back and study it a while.
Remember, “Question and Answer” for tomorrow’s entry… put your questions in the comments section below…

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