Easter Egg- Part Two

When I begin an egg for pysanky, I might have a general idea of what I want…

Traditional styles… or not.
Traditional colors… or not.
Sometimes I want to try something new.
Like art deco styles…
Wonderful end designs…
Amazing bands of art deco swirls and integrated designs.
My plan…
Simple green and white.
No traditional colors ranging from yellow to black.
Green and white.
A bath in the green aniline dye produced a pitiful, sickly, splotchey green egg…  thanks to the storebought egg.
My grand plan had to change.  OK.  Brick color.  I love rust, sable colors, like Lucas… brick red oughta do it.
A long bath in brick dye produced some areas of solid brick color… others the same splotchey look as the green.
Can I achieve trypillian design?  I decided I could… and picked the spot that had accepted the dye the best.  I covered what brick red I wanted… and sank it into the black dye.
For some reason, splotchiness doesn’t usually appear with black dye.  But what would happen with this egg?  My time investment was fair… and I wanted success because I was so happy with the end designs especially.  I left the egg in the black dye for longer than usual… and finally pulled it out to see.
Even with the wax still on… I was happy with the result.  I blew the egg out and placed it on my egg rack… and slid it into the oven.
My result when I wiped away the beeswax…
The bands were adequate…
But the ends…
The ends were great!
<the hole is where I blew out the egg… and won’t be seen if I put it in an egg holder>
I’m happy!
So… from repeated failure from what I had envisioned, what I had planned…
came success in trypillian design.
Just a different take, a different view… but the minor adjustment, one not too difficult… had spectacular results.
I should try to remember this lesson in the rest of my life!
Happy Easter!

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