Rein, Rain, Snow


You must not have received the message… but people in Wyoming are READY FOR SPRING!
Yet, this was out my front window this morning…
Oh, well…
Time for a little creativity for Brandon…  He needed some new reins… he and I both prefer round reins versus flat reins.
I’m braiding an eight strand round braid around a middle black cord.  The middle cord helps make it more round.  This is parachute cord… and Brandon requested brown and gold… gee.  He must be a University of Wyoming student!
This is a very easy braid…
Take the top left gold cord… pass it around the back and under the top two cords on the right.  Then over the bottom two cords.
Like this.
Pull everything tight.
Then the top gold cord on the right is passed behind… under the two top cords and over the two bottom ones.  Pull it tight… and there you have it.  Easy peasy.  Alternate the top cords behind, under two, over two.
Use a clip to hold the cords in place while you go do other things, otherwise you’ll lose your place and have to undo your progress… take it from me!
The beginning is actually the end to this project… leather poppers are braided into position first thing and then the braid continues from there.
The end is the loop that is connected to the bit.  Once it is in position some small keepers or ring knots are added to hold it in place.
The finished rein!
Yes, Brandon, I did braid you two of them!
Round reins, another creative way to spend the day in out of the rain and snow.


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