Merry Late Christmas

I’m not necessarily known for being on time… unfortunately, that’s one of my failings… so, no surprise that Daniel’s Christmas present was only 2/3 complete that day… and then, if it was late, well… no rush, right?

I know, I’m horrible…

But, hey, he received them last night!

braided reins

His new headstall is black leather, so I think these will look snazzy… and if his headstall breaks and he gets regular ol’ leather, well, these reins will still look good.

braided reins close up

He prefers flat reins, so I used six strands to make these.  I still need to make some round reins for MYSELF… but… maybe I should finish some other projects????

Merry Late Christmas, Daniel!

For those of you interested in braiding your own reins, I’ve done step by step instructions before,  and thanks to the work of M.C., those pictures are back with the posts!  The first ones to get you started are here and here.  Go ahead, give it a try!


Merry Late Christmas — 4 Comments

  1. Home-made gifts are always the most special because they bless the giver and recipient in the most wonderful way! I love the colors you chose.

  2. Neat reins! Worth waiting for.

    And big thanks to the photo elves who have been putting the photos back into the older posts. I enjoy looking back over the years of the blog, and it’s great to have the pictures to go with the words!

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