Two Down

I don’t understand exactly how we got from here…

to here…
in such a short time!
The graduation ceremony was interesting…
For some reason, I thought the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at UW would graduate a fairly large number of students.  Compared to the other colleges… uh, nope…
Not so much.
Those people in the colorful robes on the left include professors and grad students.  Of course, not everyone attended that could… but still.  Not many kids in the College of Ag!
I was amazed at the number of students from Japan, China, and even Tibet (!) that were graduates in the Masters and Doctorate studies.
We were lucky too…
The President of the University attended this ceremony… which was cool, as three other colleges had their ceremonies at the same time.
We also had the Governor of Wyoming as the speaker…
and Governor Dave did a good, and short, job.
Daniel was happy to graduate… and very happy to come home… where he’ll be a fourth generation rancher alongside his dad and grandfather.
That makes two down… the tall one to go!

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