Tomorrow is Another Day

Well, finished, (I hope) getting ready for branding in the morning…

Then we gathered the pasture.
I took video… but I’m not sure if I’ll upload it or not… I think if you have a tendency towards sea-sickness, you won’t enjoy it!  I tried to just video as I rode along, taking you with me for the day.  But I’m on horseback.  Horses don’t have shocks.  It’s a bumpy ride!
Thankfully, I also took photos…
Panama and Lucas… my partners for today…
Doesn’t Lucas look tough?  He won’t *stand* for cows looking back at him!
Down to the gate!
Doesn’t 5 hours just *fly* by?
Lucas is a tired little dog tonight… and I’m not real shiny myself!
But tomorrow is another day and we’ll brand and talk and eat and move cattle to a new pasture… and smile… ’cause branding is a GOOD TIME!

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