We had high water in the Nowood just a few weeks ago.  It was a typical spring thaw… melting the snow on the Big Horns.  Then it snowed again.  And again.  Not so much here, but at 8,000 feet? Oh, yes.  Then it has rained.  And rained.

Sorry to the outstanding people of Nashville, whose flood far outweighs this tiny one, but nevertheless, it is a flood for us.  Our second highwater.
Don’t worry, Elsa hasn’t been swimming… just drinking.
This says one word to me about the future.
Great for sploshing and splashing and running slurpily through the grass.
There’s not too much to get worried about… no damage to anything other than a few creekside trees and some creekbanks.  Lots of debris will have to be cleared from some ditches and headgates.  Add it to the list of things to do when the water recedes.
We were lucky.  A few beavers and Canada geese might argue that, but we were.  All we need to do is play pick up sticks and fight swarms of mosquitoes from the standing pools.  Me, I’m hoping it washed out a buffalo skull or two… and the gods might smile upon me… and I can find one or two!

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