Redneck Birthdays

Birthday parties on our ranch might be a tad different than some “town” ones…

Let’s see…
Here the cake is cooked from scratch… with special thanks to s-i-l for sending some cream cheese from Casper (250 miles away) with Daniel’s girlfriend.  Otherwise, I’d have had to drive 90 miles round trip because I’m a space cadet… or go frosting-less.
(The cake is Italian cream cake… and it was excellent… off of The Pioneer Woman‘s website.)
Of course, we have to have a fourth generation to work this family ranch… and the fifth if you count the “old” place up the road… he’s the birthday boy!  He should be listed first, but I wanted the “before” pic of the cake first, not the smoking candle remnants…
For entertainment, pull out the potato gun…
Using my good broom, ram down the potato wrapped in a plastic sack for wadding.
Spray hair spray into the chamber and quickly twist on the end.
Aim and FIRE!   The potato actually makes it to the tree on the right… it’s pretty impressive and it’s a blast to do <pun intended>!  However, mom is usually the “bad guy” complaining about the level of potato use… it *is* a 90 mile trip to the store, kiddos…
Next take some diesel fuel out to the old brush piles… and light ’em up.
Tell stories, listen to a country music station, and move slowly, rotisserie style, because the bonfire is so big and the night is so cool.
That’s about it.
Redneck birthday parties… they’re cheap… but they’re FUN!

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