Pleasing Results

The other day, my youngest son took the time to teach me how to weld.  He was busy in the same shop, but patiently explained the very basics… handed me some rod… and set me free.  This is a goal I have had on my “list” for years.

I was vewyvewyvewy grateful!
My first project, Crane in Grass, was calling my name… it *needed* to come to life.
My second project, full of practicality and thankfulness, has been created and given to Brandon.
The shop we work in is old, full of bits and pieces, dirt, leaves, oil.  It has a corner that is a foot and a half lower than the other three… which also explains the heaves in the cement floor that I had to work around.  It is freezing in the wintertime, cool and breezy in the summer.  It is dark.  A 1950’s television sits high on a shelf with every imaginable part, fitting, pipe, chain, bolt, and screw semi-organized along the walls.
My project organized a tiny bit of this madness, giving a home to the wood for the stove that sets centerstage.
This is where I need to learn to run the cutting torch…
Severing the pieces on the right and the length of chain on the left rear would complete my project.
Overall, this item is sturdy… *fairly* straight considering I just eyeballed and welded everything… no measurements were taken!  Clamps still would have helped, but I have hopes of uncovering some as we sort through the shop!  Note the pile behind the wood “box”… that’s half of the first pile I can weld with… just to clean up the place!
As we go… I might need to create other shelving… but for now, the first one is in use… and Brandon seemed pleased with the results!

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