One Month Left

The wedding is one month away.

Victoria and I went up the mountain to “St. Christopher’s in the Big Horns” where the wedding will take place.
The soil was still soft and soggy… of course, there was a huge hail/rainstorm a few days before… and there’s still a snowdrift buried in the shadow of the pines.
The chapel is basic.  A wooden “corral” to keep critters out.  A few pews made of log.  A simple concrete cross on a stone base.  God’s creation all around.
<No, Jazz will not be at the official ceremony!>
We took measurements.
We refined our ideas of our simple decorations.
We scoped out places for the all important wedding photos…
Can we get her up there in her dress?  We say yes.
On top of the hill in the background is High Park Fire Lookout… where I applied to work after I graduated high school.  Of course, I didn’t get that job, I got one with the Girl Scouts at National Center West … and I took horsepacking trips with the girls… and High Park was always one of our spots to visit.  I was destined for this country!
The cake table will sit here for the reception.  It is the flattest spot we could find.
It’ll be interesting to see how much snow will be left in a month.
Bets, anyone?

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