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The wedding was absolutely amazing… the only “bad” part was the shower/changing setting beforehand, but that’s an entire story by itself!

The cakes turned out well, and all our fears about them sliding around and/or melting on the trip up through the mountain’s switchbacks were overblown.
We had cans of mosquito fogger on hand, various kinds of OFF!, little area “lamps” by Thermacell, and Bounce dryer sheets to tuck in various locations like pockets!  Honestly, we didn’t need them.  I don’t know where the swarms of mosquitoes disappeared to… but they were minimal.  I was amazed!  Thank you, Lord!
The sky was a brilliant cloudless azure… not just blue, but intense and glorious.
The wind was soft on your skin, barely lifting her veil a few times and then it disappeared.
The  lupine was at its peak… this is Victoria’s flower in my mind… her high school graduation photo has her lying in a field of lupines… and they do intensify her blue eyes!
We could have easily been too cold in the trees’ shadows, but it was a perfect 77.
I can’t think of a thing that I would have changed… except, of course, for the presence of those friends who were unable to make it!
NOTE:  I was NOT the official photographer… I just took advantage of some of her organized poses!  There were many missed opportunities for me, and I can’t wait to see the “official” photos!  With permission I’ll post them in the future, but for now, here are *my* favorites…
This is S. and Victoria.  You should know her by now. S. helps us ride and rope and brand and cook and clean and irrigate and laugh.  This time she’s Maid of Honor, and she did well!
You really don’t need optical illusions to make Matt look tall… he is TALL.  But I really liked this setup.
The rest of the wedding party was made up of Matt’s sister, brother, and nephew, who was Best Man… and yes, there still is a little snow on the mountain tops!
The swarovski crystal necklace and earrings were a present from my Mom for this special day… The heart necklace in her bouquet belonged to her other grandmother.
Her ring… diamonds and sapphires.  His ring… elk ivory.
My favorite.  I took this while we were waiting for the guests to arrive… We had hung a few sheets between the pine trees and had a big heavy blanket to sit on.  She’s not posing.  This is my girl.
Did I cry?
Yes, a bit, because my mom wasn’t there… because it is an emotional day (and I’m an emotional person!) Overall, I did quite well!
She and Matt are SO happy!  And so are we!
Thanks for all the well wishes!


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