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My mom’s memorial garden walk was today, and I made the difficult decision not to attend.  You see, back in The Day, when so much of my world was filled with Girl Scouts… (I’ve held every position a leader could, I had been a troop leader for every level at one time or another, I had been a counselor at Girl Scout National Center West and other camps, I was an adult trainer as well, with hopes of further training at Edith Macy Conference Center in New York State, when, all of a sudden… BOOM.  I was told to take my volunteering elsewhere.)  Well, pooh! I had one girl determined to stay in Scouts through her senior year of high school, and I was going to help.  She did.  I did.  My lifetime membership is still active, but I no longer volunteer in Girl Scouting.

Today, that lovely young woman got married.  I was there, as was my best friend, who I met where?  Oh, yeah… National Center West.  She was K.’s official troop leader.  In fact, four of the other attendees had been one of “my girls” when they were young as well.

kelseyK. and her maid of honor… yes, both Girl Scouts back in The Day.

The flower girls reminded me so much of the Flower Fairy event I put on for Brownies…

flower girlsIt was a beautiful setting.  In case it looks familiar to some of you, yes, this is where my Victoria got married as well.

partyweddingcrosssmileThat smile tells us a lot!  We are so proud of you K.!  Of the woman you have become, of the woman we know you will be!  Congratulations to K. and D. J.!

trioAnd, Mom, I miss you and I missed your Memorial Garden Walk… but I was here for a sweet, young lady… and I think you understand.


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  1. I am DJ’s mother and I just wanted to let you know how much your story touched my heart. Thank you so much for being a part Kelsey and DJ’s day!

  2. These are beautiful photos. We did miss you but it sounds like this wedding was more important. It probably meant a lot to the bride to have you there.

  3. I’m sure, too, that your Mom would understand how much this friendship and connection meant to you and to K. and her family on her wedding day. I think your Mom sent the sunshine for the outdoor event, as a special blessing from her!

  4. Of course we understand! This was important to you and you needed to be there. We had a group of 30 and went to four very nice gardens. Maureen always dies such a nice job in organizing this. Mary put up the memorial sign at every place. Unfortunately we can’t be in two places at once. It seems like things seem to coincide. Neil represented the two of us at a family birthday party while I was on the garden walk.

    Yes, we surely remember the wedding sight and your letting us sit on a “family bench.” That was such a beautiful wedding.

    I’m sure many parents and Girl Scouts appreciated all of your work with the Girl Scouts.

  5. It must have been a hard decision Carol as we love our Mom’s, but I’m sure she understood. What a lovely setting for a wedding. So much more relaxed than many weddings in the UK where everything has to be in place. What a great young woman K has turned out to be. Glad you were there on her journey. One of my Brownies from (yikes the 80’s) booked our trip to the U.S. in 2009 as she works at a local Trave Agent. It is good too see how their lives have turned out. Lovely picture of the three of you.

  6. We were leaders so we could show girls they could become strong powerful women and that they could do and be anything. This proved our point. K made some great chouices in her life and set her standards high for herself. And she chose D.J. What a lucky guy! And next time I am bringin the hankies…for both of us. Great day!

  7. She is truly a great young lady!Thanks for all you did in her life. I was a brownie leader for a few years and it is a shame there isn’t a troop in Ten Sleep any longer.I am sure you’re mom understands!

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